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You became a financial advisor to help people have better financial lives with the promise of great income potential and flexible hours. But your success hasn't come as easily or quickly as you had expected.

That's where we come in... 

Financial Advisor Mentor

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Community, Connection, Collaboration

We are a community of financial advisor fiduciaries that help our peers to reach their potential through mentoring without the high cost of coaching and marketing so they achieve personal freedom and make life better today.

Inside the community you will find...

  • ​Training and webinars from industry leading experts
  • ​Peer mentorship​
  • ​Simple to follow success path blueprint
  • ​Resource library (webinars, templates, process, checklists & more)
  • ​Exclusive weekly live group calls
  • ​Access to successful collaborative marketing funnels
  • Mastermind groups
  • ​Camaraderie, contribution and fun
  • ​And much more!

Growing your practice is hard.... Fortunately, you don't have to travel this path alone.  There are many advisors out there who are just like you. This is a place to connect with peers and learn from experts.  It's also the best place to learn from the collective wisdom of the community to help you reach your potential without spending a fortune on marketing programs. 

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Joining is easy. Click on the button to join. Once you are approved, we will send you an email with all the information you will need to get started

Joining is easy. Click on the button to join. Once you are approved, we will send you an email with all the information you will need to get started

Financial Advisor Mentor community

What our community members are saying



College Funding Expert

Years ago I struggled to fill my calendar with meetings. Now I have more than 100+ high-quality leads each month. This is well more than I can handle.



Self Directed IRA Expert

I spent 17 years spinning my wheels trying to grow my firm. Then I discovered a secret that changed everything. Now I mentor advisors so they can learn from my experiences.


Small CPA Firm Expert

I always wanted to work with CPA firms but didn't have much luck getting referrals from them. A few years back some advisors shared their secrets with me. Now CPA firms seek me out to bring me in to help them with their clients.

When was the last time you truly felt you were part of a supportive community that wanted to see you succeed?

Financial ADvisor Mentor can help.

Freedom. Flexibility.

Is Possible...

We can show you how.

Financial advisors come into this industry to help people change their lives for the better, make a high income, and have a flexible schedule with the freedom from a traditional 9-5 work week.

Yet when they start, most companies provide them with little more than a desk, phone, and a quota they need to meet. Sure, they talk about training, support, and potential opportunities to make big money. But rarely does that materialize in a way that results in valuable support to reach that goal.

Think about it...

When did someone sit you down and tell you how to grow your practice in a sustainable way that anyone could replicate. When did they teach you how to find high-quality prospects at low to no cost. When did they teach you how to position yourself so prospects are seeking you out for help.

Our industry does not teach these skills because virtually no one is good at marketing. Thus... there is no one there to teach you this valuable skill.

That is why we created Financial Advisor Mentor...

Financial advisors need a community of like-minded peers who share the same challenges and are willing to help each other overcome these challenges by sharing best practices, experiences and a sense that they are not alone in this profession. 

This community is built for advisors just like you.

It is built for financial advisors who want to grow their practice and need a little guidance or mentorship to get them on the right path.

It is built for advisors who want to make life better for their clients, but spend most of their time trying to find new clients instead of spending it with existing ones.

It is built for advisors who are looking for a sense of community with like-minded peers, who can share their journey with them.

This collaborative and supportive community is where advisors can help you grow personally and professionally so you can live your best life today.

Schedule a call today to apply to join this awesome community of financial advisors.

How It Works

Financial Advisor Mentor was created to help financial advisors grow their practice. Most firms blame lack of consistent high quality leads on compliance, but the truth is, many financial advisors experience explosive growth with the same compliance constraints. It's not compliance... It's a learned skill... and it's a skill you can easily learn.

Financial Advisor Mentor provides advisors like you with the education, mentoring and training they need as well as a supportive community to help them learn the important skills of how to grow their practice so they can realize their potential. You are in control of your destiny... Financial Advisor Mentor is merely here to guide you along the way.

Financial Advisor Mentor is a community built on the three pillars Learn, Lead, and Leverage.



First you must learn the essential foundational frameworks which all successful marketing relies upon. Once you master these, you will need to learn the strategies, tools and best practices to create your own marketing machine. It is important to keep in mind that in marketing you will always be learning as things change frequently. However once you understand how things work and you know how to create systems, it will be easy to adapt to these changes.



Next you will need to build your marketing machine. This is not hard, but does require setting up systems and processes to make your life easier. The Financial Advisor Mentor community is essential for you to excel in this stage. It requires feedback, testing and making sure your messaging is solid. Many people are happy mastering this stage and then stopping. If you run a lifestyle practice and are happy with having "enough" this is all you need.



The last stage, Leverage, is for people who are not happy with "enough" they want "more". They want to challenge themselves. they want to see what they can do with this new marketing power. They want to dominate their respective niche. This stage is where you learn how to leverage what you are doing, to continue to grow without limits. Everyone needs to leverage their marketing at some level, but continued growth will require additional skills and creativity.

Live Interaction With Other Advisors

Financial Advisor Mentor has a monthly calendar schedule for live group calls. Each month we discuss a specific topic. We have a guest speaker each month to host a masterclass on a specific topic. This is where you can understand how successful marketers are so successful in their efforts. The next week we host a session where we discuss how to apply the masterclass topics to your own practice. The last week of the month we have a "hot seat" session where a member volunteers to get feedback on their most challenging problem.  Then the community responds with a ton of feedback so they can get multiple perspectives on how to solve the problem. In addition to all this, there is a virtual community where people can connect on shared topics on their own time.

Interested In Joining Our Awesome Community?

Here Is What You Need To Know.

Step One: Make Sure You Are A Good Fit

If you are new to Financial Advisor Mentor, then you might not be familiar with our core values, features, or objectives as a community. The best way to get acclimated with our community is to attend one of our webinars. We host a monthly webinar for new applicants and advisors who are thinking about joining Financial Advisor Mentor. This webinar is the best way for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. Click here to register for our next webinar.

Step Two: Apply To Join The Community

You made the decision you want to join Financial Advisor Mentor. Great choice. Now you will need to schedule a call with our community manager. This will allow us to get to know you and for you to ask any of your remaining questions.

Step Three: Join The Community

Once you are accepted into the community, we will get you set up with instant access to all the community resources. This is where you journey will begin... This is where you can reach your potential and connect with your peers. 

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  • Grow Your Firm: We will share how you can grow your practice today for low to no cost.
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  • Community: No more isolation. Whether you work solo or team. It's good to be able to connect with peers
  • ​Skill Development: We are all continually learning. We are always looking to improve our skills.
  • ​Friends and Fun: We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Having fun with friends is important.

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