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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join FAM?

  • ​Financial advisors talk to clients and prospects every day, so they are not lonely. However, advisors can feel isolated and alone because they don't have other like-minded peers to connect with and discuss their shared challenges. Financial Advisor Mentor is a community of like-minded financial advisor fiduciaries who are looking to grow their practice, reach their potential, and make the lives of their clients better beyond the numbers.
  • ​Financial Advisor Mentor is not for everyone. We are protective of the community core values and culture, so we are selective about who we allow into our community. If you meet our criteria, we would like to meet you. See below to learn if you would be a good fit

Who is the typical advisor in this community?

We have specific criteria we are looking for with our community members. We have an application process to ensure we only allow members into the community who are a good fit. We are protective our our community core values. Most of our members are...

  • ​Looking to grow their practice
  • ​Work solo or for a small practice or team
  • ​Have integrity
  • ​Lifelong learners
  • ​Abundance mindset
  • ​Struggling with some challenge in their practice
  • ​Looking to reach their potential as an advisor
  • ​Open to sharing best practices with their peers
  • ​Fiduciaries in some capacity (e.g. Series 65, CFP, trust office, etc)
  • ​Looking for a mentor to accelerate the growth of their practice
  • ​2-20 years of experience as an advisor
  • ​All career stages
  • ​Any AUM size or fee-only (i.e. no AUM)

Is this only a community?

This is much more than a community of like minded financial advisors. Community is the foundation. We build everything we do on this foundation. Educational opportunities for professional development (no matter what stage you are at i.e. brand new or 1B+ in AUM firm), peer to peer mentoring (from people who have already overcome the challenges you now face), marketing and growth opportunities (best practices for marketing, lead gen, and collaborative relationships), training your team (why do it all yourself, learn from how others have done this successfully), practice your leadership skills, improve your quality of life, and most of all... Have fun again.

What are the requirements to join?

We have some requirements as this is a closed community exclusively of financial advisors. Our main criteria is, will you be a good fit for our community and its cultural values. You must be a licensed financial advisor. Designations are welcome, but not required. You should be a lifelong learner. You should have a growth mindset. You must have integrity. You should want to make your life better in some way and willing to take action to do it. You should be willing to mentor others if you want to be mentored. Having fun.

What am I getting with my membership?

  • ​You are getting access to a community of like-minded financial advisors who are all aligned in the goal to grow their practice, to help more people have better lives, to collaborate on growth initiatives and to solve common challenges.
  • ​Access to weekly virtual (live) group calls
  • ​Mentorship opportunities
  • ​Monthly Virtual Book Club
  • ​Opportunities to connect with a virtual community of like-minded financial advisors
  • ​Customized step-by-step Marketing Success Roadmap​
  • ​Tap into successful member lead gen funnels
  • ​Group Vendor Discounts
  • ​Access to our Marketing Resource Library
  • ​Access to our time-tested templates, checklists, resource guides, recordings and videos of marketing best practices
  • ​Founding Member status in the community (only a limited number of seats available)
  • ​Opportunities to contribute to the direction of the community
  • ​Early Access to new community features
  • ​Early Access to new growth initiatives
  • ​Connect with members at in-personal live events

How do I join Financial Advisor Mentor?

  • ​Click the button below to apply to join this community. 
  • ​Fill out our application.
  • ​Schedule a call with one of our community members.
  • If you are a good fit, we will send instructions for you to complete the process.
  • ​Look for an email that says, "New Course Available"
  • ​Click the link in that email to access your membership!
  • ​Join the conversations, introduce yourself, and start having fun...

I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

If you still have more questions, you can apply to join the community and a community member will schedule a time with you to discuss your remaining questions about joining the community. You can also contact us here.

What Our Members Say...

  • ​The best thing they like about Financial Advisor Mentor is the other members in the community... They also like the sharing of best practices, educational content, growth initiatives, professional development, expert mentors, skill development, virtual events, community members, personalized success roadmaps, mentorship, better quality of life, and did I mention the community members?
  • ​The second best thing about Financial Advisor Mentor is... The community members. Yes... They are that good, they need to be mentioned twice (at least).

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